As the release of the related policy, as well as the comprehensive development of the environmental governance, the solid waste treatment has become one of the fastest-growing industries in China. The maket will maintain a sustainable growth during the next five years, so the requirements of the solid waste industry government will be released further.

To cooperate with the national solid waste management, assit the solid waste enterprises to seize the opportunities in the "new area", promote the innovation and development of the solid waste management, and promote the internationla exchanges of the solid waste treatment technology, innovation, equipment operation management, 2019 ACI International Solid Waste Summit will be held in Shanghai on June 12 to 14, 2019.

Organizer: Supporter:
  • Policies and regulation interpretation
  • Collection and pre-treatment of MSW
  • Green incineration and emission control
  • Informatization management of WtE industry
  • Flue gas, flying ash and slag treatment
  • Investment and operation of WtE projects
  • Management of organic & agroforestry waste
  • Biomass/MSW combined heat and power
  • Combined combustion of biomass and coal
  • Dry anaerobic fermentation technology
  • Kitchen waste collection and management
  • Municipal sludge disposal
  • Comprehensive treatment of industrial waste
  • Collection-storage-transportation system for HW
  • Safety incineration & landfill of HW
  • Cement kiln co-processing of HW
  • Disposal of heavy metal salt hazardous waste
  • Detection and testing of soil
  • Landfill remediation
  • Analysis on investment and financing

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Pre-summit (June 12th) On-site visiting
Day One (June 13th) Policy Interpretation;
Management of MSW, agroforestry and rural waste
Day Two(June 14th) Industrial waste, hazardous waste & landfill management
We will invite

  • Ministry of Ecology&Environment
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Local Government
  • ISWA
  • Hangzhou Jianjiang
  • Everbright International
  • Tus-sound
  • Grandblue
  • BKHJ
  • Shanghai Environment Group
  • SUS Environment
  • Chongqing Sanfeng
  • SE Environment
  • DynaGreen
  • Dongjiang Environment
  • BBMG
  • Shanghai SW Disposal Center
  • GGE China
  • Zhongke Dingshi
  • Wuxi Xuelang
  • Suez
  • GEM China
  • ALBA
  • Guoxin Tendering Group
  • China Development Bank
  • Remondis
  • Stericycle
  • Europlasma
  • Siemens
  • Tamella power
  • Detroit
  • Alter Nrg
  • Keppel Seghers
  • Ebara
  • JEF
  • CleanHarbors
  • ……
Speakers Review

WU Kai


China Everbright International Limited

Daniel Purchase

National Membership & Communications Manager

International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

FANG Chaojun


Hangzhou Jinjiang Group

Minna Vilkuna

Vice President, Market Development,

Asia-Pacific Region BMH Technology Finland

GAO Haiming

Deputy General Manager

Grandblue Environment Co., Ltd.

CHENG Chunlong

Director of Organic Waste Treatment Department

ALBA China


Deputy Director of the Research Center

Shanghai Environment Group


General Manager of Tech. Department

Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group

Ho De Leong


Waste Management Association of Malaysia(WMAM)

David García de Herreros

Urbaser Asia Pacific Delegate

URBASER Urban Services (Shanghai) Limited

LIU Chang

Environmental Sanitation Engineering Technology Research Center

Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development

CHU Hailong


Engineer Tus-Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd.

MIAO Haomei

General Manager Assistant of Hazardous Waste Department

Beijing Enterprises Holdings Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

Benjamin CHAN PIU

Business Line Director for Suez

Recycling & Recovery Asia Suez

ZHAO Youcai


Tongji University

Bénédicte AMIEL

Sales Director

Europlasma Industries


General Manager

Hazardous Waste Industry Capital Environment Holdings Limited

Reinhard Goeschl


Waste Management Division (MWD) DP CleanTech Co., Ltd.

WANG Hushan

Deputy Chief, Strategic Planning Department

China Conch Venture Holdings Co., Ltd.

LIU Liqi

Deputy General Manager & Chief Engineer

Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology, Inc. (BGE)


The participants of the summit are all enterprise executives and decision makers, if you want show your most new technology or product, enhance your corporate image and visibility of the product in thie summit, please contact the organizing committee to get the specific form of sponsorship and rights

Project Visiting

We will arrange the related solid waste plant visiting, we will send all the participants the specific line one month before the summit.

If you want to be one of the to-be-visited enterprises, please contact the Organizing Committee.

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